Help with tool path Carbine Create

Carbine Create, help with toolpath for Drawer pull. See picture link below.!AotcL5HzSqa_12jkG4cWhhvz1gyI

Stock 5" x 5" x 1 1/4"
Small circle tool path 1.25 Radius outside clockwise cut. Cutter 1/4" Ball. Depth 1/2"
Large circle tool path 2" Radius outside cut. Cutter 1/4" Flat Depth 1 1/4"
How do I remove the rest of the stock between the small circle and the large circle?

Do a pocketing patch which includes the small and the large circle.

It should go something like this:

  • two nested circles
  • first, pocket operation to establish desired thickness (optional, not needed if stock is correct thickness)
  • second, select both circles and do a pocketing operation down to the desired thickness of the handle
  • last do an outer profile to cut the part free

I would add a third circle, one for the hardware and do a pocketing operation on it first (it would have to be at least 10% larger than your endmill — no drill options in Carbide Create), then put a bolt down it into a threaded fastener on the wasteboard, then continue.

(Mental note, must source some plastic M6 bolts)