Help with Trouble Free vector art

I know its a tall order. I’m on a steep learning curve with a self inflicted time frame. I’m heck on wheels creating 2-3d models in Fusion360 but vector art is awfully time consuming. The vector Library in Create is quite nice and very trouble free in that the vectors are crisp and connected. I’ve downloaded and Opened dozens of internet art only to find they need to be “healed” in many ways in order to quickly start selecting tool paths that are effective.

If you’re inclined could you recommend a vector art source (paid or free) that delivers as trouble free art as can be expected? I certainly don’t mind smoothing nodes and even clipping here and there. Thanks…

Can’t help with sources, but see:

Over the years I have purchased quite a few SVGs on Etsy (like this, this, this or this) and while it’s a bit hit and miss, I never spent more than a couple of minutes fixing the occasional extra weird node that shows up when zooming way or when Vectric VCarve complains about incorrect nodes when creating a vcarve toolpath. Since they are usually only a couple of bucks, and my precious free time looking is more valuable than spending hours looking for free SVG (as in non-paid AND no copyright…), I tend to go for the paid options in 99% of the cases. I’m sure there are much better places than Etsy for this, but it has worked great for me.


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