Help With V Carving And Toolpaths

Hi everybody. So, I’ve only done contour cuts so far but need to start figuring out v-carving since I have a couple v-bits and want to do some smaller, finer detail engravings. I figure I’d start with my own logo:

The smallest end mill I have is 1/16" but even that is too big when I get this logo down to about 3 inches wide in carbide create, so I’m guessing a v-bit is the way to go. I have a 30-degree bit I plan to use.
When I go to create the toolpath, I select all those lines in my logo as well as the word “stuff” and “makes”, then I select “v-carve”. From there I select what I believe is the correct cutter and when I preview, it looks fine with the exception of the letter “A”:

So my first question is: How do I keep it from knocking out the middle of that “A”?

Next Question: When selecting v-carve as the toolpath, does it have a specific unchangeable max depth by default? I can’t see anywhere to change the max depth like I can when doing contour cuts. Of course, I’m a newbie so maybe I’m not supposed to change the depth on a v-carving?

Next question: Can I even use a v-bit in the “contour” cutting toolpath? I’d assume there would be instances where I’d want to use a v-bit with different settings than what the v-carve settings do. Let’s say for instance I wanted to do a pocket in the word “SETH” in that middle area (with a regular end mill), and then I want to use a v-bit to do that outline of the “SETH” (setting the v-bit settings in the contour area). When I try to do something like that it, my preview gives me something like this:

Why is that? Is it because since the v-bit is 1/2" wide at it’s widest point carbide create is thinking I’m using a 1/2" wide end mill? Do I need to just go by faith that my v-bit settings will work? I’m confused but hopefully somebody can shed some light on it. I didn’t see much on youtube. Thanks in advance!


Seth, Vcarve is always cutting between the lines. It will run the vbit deeper until it touches two lines in Vcarve. So, with the wide and dark “STUFF” letters, the bit cuts the dark area out.

However, on “MAKES”, the “A” has lines that are too close for leaving remaining material.

Vcarve of “SETH” would want to carve either the white part out or the wide black lines depending on what you selected when creating the toolpath. If you don’t have a second line selected, vcarve will go out until if finds another line.

For contour or pocket you would have to select a single line/vector and let it carve out the inside. You might have to create a different line/vector with an offset to make it look like “SETH.”


ahh, this is helpful! thanks for the info…i’ll give it another look and see what I can figure out with this!