HELP! Z Axis Problem

Hey everyone! First time poster here. So, I have been using my machine just fine… until last night. I went to make my next cut, zeroed out, loaded the job info, hit start… and NOTHING. My z axis carriage wont move up. The continue button is there, but I was worried it would drag across the wood if it didn’t raise up. It had been a long day so I called it a night and headed inside. Well, go back out this morning to finish the work I had and tried the cut again. SAME THING. Every time I try to make a cut, I hit run, and the z axis carriage doesn’t move. I reset my machine, I made sure the sensors were clean and not covered in dust or anything. I unplugged everything and plugged it back in, I uninstalled and reinstalled Carbide motion, and then I did a test run with my z axis raised above the board. Sure enough, after I hit “Run”, nothing. I hit continue anyway and the z axis didn’t move…which meant it would have dragged across my board if I had attempted it. I’m not super familiar with machines or any other equipment like this… so I’ve done everything I can think of to do.

Anyone know what could be causing this or how I can fix it? I have like 50 orders I have to get cut!

Thank you!

Please post the source CAD file and the generated G-Code.

Does it jog? If it jogs, the problem is in the gcode. If it doesn’t jog, it’s wiring someplace. Potentially in the middle of the run.


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