Hi, i'm making a sort of tongue and groove style spice rack

I’m not sure if tongue and groove is the correct way to say it. Similar to how those X style wine rack built ins look. With a cut made half way through the strips to slide together to form an X.

My problem comes from the cutting settings, if i choose an offset will it cut larger than a 1/2" (material size) out of the center or do i go no offset? i’d like for it to be a tight fit and just want to make sure before i ruin a big sheet of plywood lol

‘No Offset’ will center the cutter over the line it is cutting, so probably not what you want.

Create a rectangle the size you actually want, then pocket that, or do an Inside contour.

Pocketing may provide better results, since an Inside Contour may end up cutting a slot the same width as the cutter, and that can cause problems because of how much engagement there is.

Oh, and this kind of joint is an exaggerated half-lap joint - in a normal half-lap, the material is usually wider than it is tall, here it is much taller than the material is wide.

Draw a rectangle as wide as the stock which you wish to cut and taller by the diameter of the endmill.

Assuming you have 1" wide stock and you want 12" long parts and the stock is 1/2" thick:

Draw things up? Post a sketch?

I think he’s cutting more like this, so the joints are cut from the ‘side’.

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Okay, for that, just do an overcut w/ a T corner treatment in-line w/ the slot:

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Yes this is exactly what i had in mind, i was getting confused so i did a test cut and outside right was the right choice for this, made them fit clean. Ill post pics when its done

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