Hold down wood on cnc table

Good Morning,

My short-term memory is not as good as it used to be. I remember seeing on some video a sort of a low-profile compression type of hold down tool. I don’t like the green ones that come with the Shapeoko, because they ride on top of the wood. Looking for something that will hold down the material on the side of the material. So far, this community is a life saver. Thanks ahead of time for your assistance.

Here’s a link to other work holding clamps you might like.



Perhaps the Carbide 3D Gator Tooth Clamps? You might also try hot glue. YMMV - I don’t even have a machine yet - but I am looking forward to a Nomad as an upgrade to the Genmitsu that I used to own. Anyways, there are a lot of ways to hold stuff down - double sided tape being another low profile potential solution. An uncommon solution might be eccentric circle clamps - I made some of these on a laser cutter. Maybe painter’s tape and glue - you put the tape on both surfaces, then glue the taped surfaces together. That’s everything that I can think of ATM, good luck.

I mill a lot of 3/4" wood projects and I use a biscuit jointer to cut a slot in the sides of the board and then use the Green Essential Clamps or metal Gator Tooth Clamps in the slot to hold the board to the table. I’ve used washers with bolts and that works also. Good luck!