Holiday sales Any Word Yet?

Any word on Black Friday deals yet???



Bump, also interested…:wink:

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I’ve heard early this coming week they’ve got something planned. The what is always up in the air. Hoping for something healthy, the rest of the market has done some pretty good deals this year.

I’ve been told that Monday is the day the curtain will open.


whoot whoot :partying_face:
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Santa, if you’re listening, I certainly wouldn’t mind upgrading my trim router to a VFD :wink:

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How does one get the discount on Carbide Create Pro? Is there a promotional code for that?

It should be applied when you check out. If you have trouble, let me know.


Thanks, already placed my order :slight_smile:


Interesting! I’m about a week away from placing my order for a 5 pro w/VFD. Black Friday or cyber Monday would be awesome. Now I need to find a laptop or tablet to use! Lol Any recommendations?

Considerations for laptops/tablets include:

  • fanless (sealed) tablets are chosen by some folks as suited to use in a dusty shop
  • used laptops are a frequent choice, w/ some folks getting rugged units
  • a touchscreen is a popular option

Pretty much anything which meets our system requirements:

will be fine (note that CM is 32-bit, while Carbide Create is 64).

Some folks like to use one computer for both apps, others run each on a separate one.

One option which works well for some folks is a Raspberry Pi to run Carbide Motion:

Some Mac users put a Mac Mini on the machine, then connect to the using an iPad via Sidecar.

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Thank you! I am hoping that this will be able to work:
I’m having to relearn a lot of things. Ha!
Thanks again

That should be fine — it has the advantagre of having USB-A connectors, so you’ll be able to use the bundled cord which has ferrite beads w/o needing an adapter (still looking for a USB-C–B cable w/ such).

Thanks so much! There are so many stinking options

My personal favorite combo is the Fusion 5 Windows version tablet and Rii mini keypad.


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