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I have a high-end PC, on which I use Carbide Create/Fusion 360 to design. I was using a laptop in my garage to run my CNC and just using a USB thumb drive to transfer files between the two. I recently upgraded to a Fusion5 tablet to run the CNC (the touch screen is so nice!), but since there’s only a single USB port, I can no longer use a thumb drive to transfer files.

Now…I consider myself an above average “techie.” Setting up a wireless home network on Windows 10 seems simple. However, I have failed. What am I missing here? I have followed tutorials to the letter, but nothing seems to address the issue I’m having.

File sharing/discovery is enabled on both devices. Password requirement is turned OFF, yet I still get a password/login popup. I’m wondering if it’s because I’m logged into a Microsoft account and not logged in “normally” to the device itself? I’m really at a loss here.

Why cant you transfer the files before you attach to the Shapeoko.

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Or use a USB C hub to plug more than one thing in?


Another option might be to use VNC — in addition to allowing remote control, it will also allow placing a file from the controlling computer onto the computer being controlled.

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An alternative to using network shares is to save the files on OneDrive on the PC and then load them from OneDrive on the Fusion5.


Definitely some great alternatives here, guys. Thank you. I think I may go with the USB hub route. I believe there’s an active thread right now about using powered USB hubs to address power down issues that tablets can have. Seems like a good failsafe to have in place.


I ran into the same problem when I upgraded to Windows 10 64 bit on my desktop computers. I have two desktop systems and a laptop.

After several days of head scratching and Google searches I noted that I was using a second account on the laptop which was running 64 Bit Windows 10. I don’t remember why I did that but wondered if the 64 bit version didn’t like to use the primary Administrators account. Perhaps a security issue.

I created a second Admin account and used its ID and password when asked for system credentials. I saved the credentials so I am not asked for them again. I only had to log into the secondary admin account once.

I have never found this documented but it worked for me.

I do not have a MicroSoft account.

I retired 7 years ago as an IT guy after 40 years but am admittedly out of the loop with the new stuff.

Good luck with whatever solution you choose. I like local control.



Thank you for this. Problem solved!

I created a local Admin account on my host PC and granted access to my “regular” account, which I can use on the tablet. Thank you!


You might want to check if Windoze X has set your home network type as public instead of home/secure.

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