Homing after belt replacement

I just replaced all my belts, wheels and motor drive gears. Now when homing it won’t stop trying to move to the right during homing. How do I reset the position of the machine? Thanks for all your help

Check the X-axis homing switch and ensure that the machine can mechanically move so as to activate it — on an SO3, esp. check that the belt anchors aren’t interfering w/ movement.

If you can’t address this, let us know at support@carbide3d.com

If you replaced your belts make sure the belt retaining clip is not rotated. When tightening the bolt that secures the belt retaining clip it will rotate. So hold the clip with a pair of pliers during tightening to keep it from turning. There is very little room for the gantry to move past the belt clip.

You did not say what type of machine you have. If it is a belt driven SO3/4 then power off and slowly push your gantry and Z axis to the homing position and make sure it goes all the way to the mechanical stop. If necessary as @WillAdams suggested move your proximity switch close enough to trigger when in the homing position. It is very likely the belt clips in the way keeping the machine from going all the way to home position.

Thanks so much, I will look at that today. Also noticed Carbide motion was not giving me the Jog button on the screen? I may have to delete program and reinstall. I have the XXL model.

Thank you Guy, I will look at that today. I have the XXL machine. But as I told Will, for some reason I no longer have the Jog option on my Carbide Motion screen? I’m thinking about deleting it and reinstalling?

Jog does not appear until the machine has been initialized.

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I was able to grind down the hold downs to make sure I had plenty of travel with no interference with the rollers. That corrected the original issue, now it homes correctly but it asked for a tool change. Obviously because of the bitsetter. But when I click on continue, it re-homes and dives the z axis and it won’t stop running. I disconnected the bitsetter and that solved that problem. Do I need to reset the bitsetter? Thanks for all your help. I have been off of the machine for over a year while rebuilding my motor for my diesel truck and working over 60 hours a week at that. Was trying to get back into it, I purchased a rebuild kit 2 thanksgivings ago and just now getting g a chance to install them. I still have a lot to learn.

Yes, you will need to reconfigure the location for the BitSetter if it has changed.