Homing and tool measurement override

Clicking “continue” or “continue without homing” doesn’t seem to make any difference. The machine homes anyway.

It also measures the tool for every single job and every jog and if the “door open” sensor is triggered, even if I never change it.

Is this intended behavior? Am making multiple passes of the same file to face a brass cube and it’s adding a significant amount of time to the job overall.

They all do it. I don’t see any value but maybe it’s a safety measure to make up for a code bug they haven’t fixed yet. I’ll be very glad to see the redundant touchoffs and useless movements removed from the Nomad code.

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@spongefile, earlier this morning I had a post typed making the same point. But since it is a small annoyance for me and not a functional problem, I canceled it. But consider this a +1 to your post. :slight_smile:


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