Homing error for XXL with Z -axis

I have just assembled my XXL and everything is double checked and when I try to do the initial homing it gives me an error about the z switch.
I removed he cover plate to the wire connections and they are all connected correctly. I pushed each switch and the blue light comes on for each one except the z-axis. Nothing happens when it gets pressed? Is it a bad switch or is there something I can do to correct?

Click the switch a few times, they sometimes take a few clicks to start working. Take a look at the switch extensions as well - make sure it’s still plugged in (sometimes they come apart in the drag chain).

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If the switch is plugged in correctly and the light won’t come on after toggling it a couple of times please test it on a different connector.

Let us know what you find out at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to help puzzle things out.

Hi when I obtained my machine about amonth ago I had issue with z-axis error. Turned out the switch on z-axis was bad. It would turn on when touched but, then not open circut after it was pressed. The blue light in control panel would stay on. Hope helps


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