Homing error for XXL

I have had my XXL for a little over a month but just started assembling it this past weekend. I downloaded Carbide Motion V4 and then went into settings to open the log and switch the machine over to the XXL before going to JOG to begin homing. When I begin the homing process the router moves a few inches then stops and puts up two errors.

Error: homing cycle failed
Error: GRBL ERROR: homing failed, couldn’t find limit switch

I went through some troubleshooting steps on the Carbide website and have not been able to make any progress.

I have checked wiring, and tested the limit switches to a point. I had just the X limit switch plugged in, when I pressed it the corresponding X LED light lit up blue. I did the same with the Y and Z… doing each one at a time. All were lighting up blue for the correct ones.

My power cable for the DeWalt router is not too tight, plenty of slack, same with the drag chain.
Carbide says that the machine already knows about the limit switches, it just needs them enabled. Which I thought I followed the directions to the T off their website.

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Motion and getting similar results.

Any suggestions would be awesome. I am going to try calling them directly tomorrow.

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Welcome Ryan,Hopefully someone is up and we can get more eyes on this for you
@WillAdams is the admin here and checks in all the time

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Thank you very much. I appreciate all the help.

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I think I have this figured out.

My X and Z were connected backwards… and my top drag chain appears to be upside down.


Going to get some rest and tackle with a clear head tomorrow.


@WillAdams pretty sure we got this one figured out X and Z were backwards on the board

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