Homing failure/Bad connectors/Errors while cutting-issues on pro-machines

So I faced this issue as I first time powered on my Shapeoko Pro. And once again today like a week after I assembled the machine. The machine fails to do homing cycle or something else related to bad connections with motor/limit switches.

I’ve seen many threads about errors in middle of the job. I am pretty sure it has to do with the connectors.

Carbide3d uses really bad quality connectors on its machines. This needs to be changed!

Here’s a video for example:

I will remove all the connectors and solder the wires together because my next project will be an enclosure and I just can’t have any connector issues when the machine is inside the enclosure.

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Anyone who has difficulties with the wiring or connectors should contact us at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to assist.

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Yeah, I did send an email also. But as I’ve seen others having issues that could be related to connectors I figured why not make a thread too.


And my guess is this would affect the machines warranty and, possibly, Carbide 3D’s willingness to help in the future.

Although there’s plenty of help and support on this forum!

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Well yeah it could also be another issue. But the help I’ve got haven’t solved this issue.

Also, I’m not really worried about the warranty.

Is it the connectors or just a bad crimp? The Molex microfit seem like pretty good connectors.


Fair enough, but Carbide 3D supplied me with a new CM control board when the BitRunner connector became loose on the board, and that’s probably the most expensive, single component of the whole system, at least for the SO3.

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