Homing impact on worķflow

I recently bought the limit switches kit and am about to install it but in the meantime i’d like to know how it will impact my workflow and more precisely the way i set my stock in my cam software.

Usually i set a corner of the stock infusion 360 as 0 on all three axis, match it manually on the table in real life set all to 0 in carbide motion and run the program.

Now will the homing process set a fixed grid and i’ll have to set the stock on a virtual wasteboard in the cad and match the position of the stock on the actual machine ? Or is there like 2 sets of coordonates : a fixed one set by homing plus soft limits and a variable one i set with the zero all axes button.

I a sure my question is silly and i would probably understand all of that by trying but my shapeoko is in a no internet access zone and i prefer asking ahead than going up and down to my appartment 3rd subfloor for trial-error-research process.

Thx guys

Found my answer alone within a Carbide tutorial. Namely Tool change and offset that I visited for another reason : http://carbide3d.com/docs/tutorials/tool-change/

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