Homing issue (nomad classic)


I’m having some issues with my og nomad (classic from the Kickstarter)

Initializes OK… Homes the z axis fine… But when it touches the x axis it fails… Says :grbl. Error. homing failed, pull off didn’t clear."

I’ve changed the the x and y limits. And all limit switches respond to manual presses (gives me the limit hit alarm in CM)

Any words of wisdom?


Vince Ramriez can probably troubleshoot this issue. Hopefully!!

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This is feeling like I need a new board. Any idea how/if I could order one?

The folks at support@carbide3d.com will be able to assist if it turns out that a replacement controller is needed.


Thanks for the response Will. They responded to my first email almost immediately, I’ve emailed multiple times in the 24 hours since, I’m sure they’ll get around to me eventually.

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