Homing problem after job finishes

When I run a job, and when it finishes, the machine moves to lower left corner, which is where my start point was. It then immediately starts moving y-axis straight back and I hear the beam hit the back of frame, which evidently trips the limit switch.
If I then start a new jog and start the homing process, the machine starts moving x-axis to the right, but just before it gets all of the way to the right on x-axis, it quits responding, probably because it is at the point where it needs to start moving the y-axis back but can’t because the machine is already as far back as it can go and the limit switch is tripped.

I have to unplug the electrical cord, manually move the beam a tiny bit forward so the limit switch isn’t tripped, and then I can get it to home correctly.

Any ideas on how to correct this problem?

Thanks, Lewis

How does your g code end?
Does it have an
M 30 program end and rewind
or a
G 28- return home?
I’m not sure if this helps, but you might want to see if the code is sending it too far back.
I’m new too, so I dont know if it would even do that.

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My code ends:

All my codes end just like yours with an M 30 for the last line.
You can just add an M 30.

You might also check that your Y limit switch is hitting solid on the belt brace or frame. It’s a comon issue that the switch barely hits the belt bracket.
Mine would miss it sometimes and cause it to move back 1/8" too far.
I added a small magnet for it to hit.
I don’t think going to 0,0 should crash it, because it knows it’s limits, but if the limit switch is touching off different sometimes, that would do it.

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