Homing question

I’m getting my Shapeoko3 set up.

I followed the instructions in the link. When homing, my Y axis travels forward instead of backward. Can someone please advise…

Power down the machine and swap the y1 and y2 motor leads at the board.


Awesome! that took care of the Y axis.

ok, now my X axis doesn’t stop once its hit the limit switch.

You probably have the switches reversed — double-check that you have the right switch in the right connector (you can test them by pressing them while the machine is powered up and a light will light on the board).

Or, maybe you have a bad switch — if so, contact support@carbide3d.com

gah! the x axis limit switch came unplugged when I swapped y1 and y2 around. got that sorted.

Y is traveling correctly for the homing process, and x axis is stopping on the switch now.

however, the y axis is not stopping on the switch but the switch does activate on the board.

any ideas on why my Y axis wont stop on the switch while homing? I can manually push the switch and it lights the LED on the control board. Please Carbide3D, you’re my only hope.

Please try slackening the belts for the Y-axis and see if you can get the switch to light up by pushing the gantry against the back of the machine.

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thanks. will give it a shot this evening. is there a good way to determine how taut or how much tension should be on the Y axis belts?

For all the Y-axis belts, one wants even tension, and maybe can get away w/ a bit less than on the X-axis (which only has one belt), or on the Z-axis (which has a narrower belt and has to resist cutting forces directly and doesn’t have much mass).

Some notes / links on this here: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Shapeoko_3#Belts

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I just had a problem with my Y axis switch.
The belt bracket was interfering and just barely hitting it (sometimes).
My switch is mounted on the outside (far right) of the plate. It might of been better on the inside.
I dont remember the instructions, but i just added a 1/8" thick magnet beside the belt bracket, so it hits that now.
I also installed my Y axis drag chain backwards. It goes to the back, but I think I like that mistake.


Outside the box and low tech. Gave me some inspiration. Goes through the homing sequence a-ok now. Thank you all!


nice idea,i used a tiny magnet lol

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Oh and btw very nice build Austin :slight_smile:

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Thanks. The only magnets I have around are bucky balls and one wont stay in place. I went into the 3d print scrap bin and pulled out a z axis limiting clip for my Mini 3d, cut it in half and it worked like a charm binder clipped in place.