Homing switches connection to system board on SO3 XL

I’ve searched for this one for a few hours but can’t find anything. I’ve read all the assembly guides available for all the models and still nothing specific to the XL or XXL. The assembly guides I can find for the XL/XXL skip right past this important part of the assembly.

I have a Shapeoko XL. The only assembly guide I can find that has instructions or pictures for plugging the homing switches into the system board is for the standard SO3 which has a single plug (all three switches wires combined into a single plug). On the XL, the homing switches that came in my kit have 3 individual plugs that plug into pins on the system board. I did my best to get them plugged in correctly but they aren’t working. When I issue the homing command I instantly get a limit found message before any of the axis move at all. I assume I have the switches plugged in incorrectly. Does anybody have a picture of the homing switches plugged into the system board on a XL or instructions on how to correctly orientate them on the board?

The last Shapeoko Assembly Instructions I downloaded (5/12 revision?) had oodles of pictures for situating the homing switches.

Plenty of pictures on how to attach the switches to the gantries/cartridges and how to route the wires through the drag chain. Pictures of plugging the stepper motors into the system board. I can’t find a single pic of plugging the homing switches into the system board and I just read all the way through it for the 3rd time. I’m reading the 5/12 revision of the XL/XXL assembly manual currently in the documents section. I guess I’m dense, could you tell me what page to find the pic, please.

It’s the horizontal molex pins, upper right when looking at the PCB using a top/landscape orientation. Labeled on the silkscreen. and starting from the left they are X/Y/Z Limit

:+1: Excellent. I appreciate your help.

I just set my XXL up yesterday and I too noticed that they leave out the info needed for properly plugging in the homing switches. I just read the board and plugged in the corresponding switch to that slot. Not sure if that was correct or not. I do know that when I manually jog my motor until it hits the switch the switch will not stop automatically. Not sure if this is supposed to happen or how to tell if they are hooked up right either or how that part is supposed to work.

With that said I get a GRBL homing error when I try to run the homing command/button.

Some people have been having issues with the switches going bad. You might try using a voltmeter to check them. With the switch depressed you should have continuity.

I did a continuity check on each switch and they check out as being good, normally open, switches.