Hooray, first fail!

Got to actually use my Shapeoko to try and make a thing. Was a small box to hold dowel centers, but went slightly poorly. The major issue I realized partway through is I don’t think my bit was secured fully in the collet, I’m using a reducer which I’m not sure I like, I think I’ll be buying the 1/8" collet carbide sells for my router. Because of that you can see on the left I had a very uneven pocket. Once I realized what was happening I paused it, tightened it a bit, and the next pocket was going much much better (on the right) until it must have slipped more (it might not have been fully seated when I tightened it, who knows) and gouged the piece pretty heavily, that’s where I hit the stop button.

Next run I think I’ll try it with my quarter inch bit so I don’t need the reducer.

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First of many I hope, because only those who quit stop failing. I have been in this game 44 years and could probably build a very pyramid with my scrap. Now having said that learning from the fail, is the number 1 rule.

I hope you are using a router (Maybe a Dewalt DWP611) and precision collets are available in my sizes (Metric and English). Carbide3D has 1/8 collets in stock too. Collet adapters are a cheap way to get into the game but they (1) don’t run very true, so you are probably only cutting on one flute of a two flute end mill, and (2) as you are not well aware of, don’t hold very well.

I know you just spent a bunch of money for this great machine, but you will also need to spend more getting it properly tooled up. I think I have slept more that the machine getting all the toys, I mean tools needed to run just about any job.

Have fun, and keep learning

More affordable than the nifty Precise Bits collets are the Elaire collets


Bam, on the second try too \o/


Nicely done Daniel. Great little box.