Horizontal ideas



Awesome! Can’t wait to see the chip stream!
Stock? You think the V-wheels will tolerate the lateral load?

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I mean, my first thought was “That sure does look vertical for a horizontal thing.” :slight_smile:

I’ll be interested to hear how your testing goes. The thing I’d worry about (based on, I admit, exactly zero real data) is the X-axis belt/stepper pulley, and their collective ability to hold up the Z carriage under gravity + load. It sure would be cool if it worked out, though.

Or am I just misinterpreting this? Is this just what happens when you get the WCS wrong in Fusion? It would be disconcerting if my machine suddenly leapt onto the wall.


Something like this actually cutting would be a long while off lol. It would no doubt be linear railed and probably ballscrew X to take the stepper weight off the Z.

Two 15mm linear rails would add quite a bit of weight to the X extrusion but in “vertical” orientation, wouldn’t have much of an effect.

The stock Z with carbide compact and a 1" triple insert facemill had a weight of 11lbs. A simple 9mm linear mounted on the back of extrusion with a pulleyed cable and counterweight doesn’t seem that bad.

The chipclearing would be amazing!


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