How can I clean this up?

Newbie here. Just got the Shapeoko XXL Black Friday deal.
Trying to model this up but so far I cannot get it as detailed as I’d like.

skull - backround not just right.c2d (451.8 KB)

Could you be more precise as to which part you don’t like, the model looks good but your toolpaths are not OK in large part for using a 1/4in flat endmill, the bit cannot fit in the smaller areas, you would need a 1/8in 102 flat endmill. Furthermore, from the picture, the pale grey appears to be raised but your toolpaths make those areas deeper than the dark grey and the spade looks like it is the most raised but it is at the same level as the dark grey.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you. Yes the smaller areas is what’s getting me. Would I have to run the same tool paths but use a 1/8th 102?

As far as the depth, I converted the image from color to a grayscale png to get a svg. I’d love to figure out how to make this a 3d image but just getting the basics down first.

Thanks for your response.

You need to recalculate your toolpaths for a 1/8 endmill by changing the endmill in CC then resave your toolpaths, if you just change the bit using the same toolpaths, you will have a mess with 1/8in grooves. Without being 3D, you can easily assign different depths to each toolpath to get some depth.


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