How do I get my Shapeoko 3XL to work with easel?

How do I get easel to drive my Shapeoko 3? I can’t seem to get the exported file to work with carbide motion.

It should just be a matter of exporting G-code from Easel, then sending that to the machine using CM — post the file?

I do this fairly regularly. I export the file out of easel then open it with Carbide Motion.

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Jeff and Will

Thanks…however when I try to export the g-code, it doesn’t go anywhere I can find it??? Iced tried to copy and paste into a plain text file, but I get an error message when I load into carbide motion.

Please write up each step of what you’ve done and upload the file here. Someone familiar w/ Easel should be able to help puzzle it out.

Look in your downloads folder. That’s where they go on my Mac

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