How do I turn bitsetter on and off properly?

It seems like almost every time I turn bitsetter on or off the Z-height is wrong as soon as I start a new job. The only way that I know it is going to work is if I turn it off or on and then start the next job but it pause right before it starts cutting and reset the whole thing again.

The last thing I tried was turning it off or on, shut down the machine, reconnected it, reset it, and it still was off the first run… So I’m here ;). Could someone please tell me the appropriate steps to follow when turning it off and on to be 100% confident that it has my height right?


After disabling the BitSetter you should re-initialize — the easiest way to do this is to quit Carbide Motion and re-launch it and allow the machine to Home.


As @WillAdams said you want to power off and reinitialize. Something goes wrong with the internal coordinates when turning on/off the BitSetter. So power off, reinitialize and it will work fine until you need to turn it on/off again and then repeat power cycle.

You don’t need to power off — just quit Carbide Motion and relaunch it and reconnect and re-initialize.

Alternately, you could go to the MDI and send $H and just re-home.

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For most jobs I save the x,y,z as a macro after getting it set. Then if I have an initialization issue (e.g. bitsetter, accidentally pressing the power pendent) or need to do something in between, I can quickly rehome and reset the x,y,z to what I want it to be without having to double check or just “hope” that the machine remembers it correctly.


Would you please explain how to save the x,y,z as a macro? thanks

Click on the “Position” link to change it to “Machine Position” when at the origin and make note of those coordinates — they can be entered into a macro in Quick Actions.

In Quick Actions (available after you have initialized the machine on the ‘run’ screen) you can make a new ‘user’ action of the current xyz. There is a button for creating a new action to set the current xyz, so you do not have to remember what it is or write any of the G code

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