How do you change bit height mid cut?

I was cutting out a large/thick cutting board last night and did not leave enough of my bit out of the router to reach the bottom of the work piece. Luckily I noticed it in time, stopped the machine, and finished with the jig saw. Question is, is there a way I could have paused the cut, lowered the bit, and continued? I feel like had i done that, it would have plunged deeper than I wanted? Please advise.

You can’t change the height mid cut but I’ve ran into this problem before. My solution was to check the current depth of cut, stop the job, and return to carbide create. I just edited my toolpath to start at the current depth and continue from there as normal.

Just fix the bit height with rezeroing the z only and then load the new gcode file to complete the job.

It may sound like alot but it only adds about 10 minutes to edit you toolpath and rezero. Make sure you save the new file as a different name or remember to go back after and change your toolpaths back.


Thank you. Assume that means after adjusting carbide create you made the bit lower in the router and then re-zero’d?!?! This wouldn’t let me type less thank 20 characters anyway so I. Figured I’d ask.

Correct. Use the tool change and correct the length of your bit. Then rezero just the z axis at the same point you did when you started the project.