How do you drill holes with CM?

I have a Shapeoko XL.

In CM, I want to drill holes and countersink, not mill. I have the correct size and type of drill bit and countersink. I’ve searched a bit and found ways to do this with MeshCAM (drill command) but nothing specific to CM.

In my CAD program, I originally used points to define the spots to drill but they didn’t come over to CC when I opened the project in CC. I changed the points to .10in circles (the size of the hole I want to drill) and they come over to CC just fine but when I create the tool paths in CM it wants to mill the hole. Help?

Carbide Create doesn’t include a Drill feature last I checked. MakerCAM does, but see below:

Also, the Dewalt spins much too fast for most drills / countersinks.

MakerCAM’s drill feature will work w/ an endmill in a router, but it’s not optimal (a drill is four times better at plunge cutting than an endmill, an endmill is at least four times better at cutting laterally than a drill).

My suggestion would be to just mill out the holes as pockets, then do the countersinks by hand — if you’re going to be doing a lot of this, get a real spindle and tooling appropriate to the speeds of the spindle.

Makes sense. Guess I’ll use a 1/16th inch mill and pockets and do the countersinks by hand. Thanks for the help!