How do you make a rounded corner in CC?

I am having a frustrating time trying to round the top corners of the top shape. The boolean options are not working out.
Any tips on making rounded rectangles?

Draw two rectangles, overlapping, so as to leave a square notch, which is the desired radius. Draw in the circles at the corners, then union everything.

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Thank you Will. That worked…

Will, same drawing as above…I can’t make a contour path for the Cam shapes.
I hand traced a drawing using the CC feature. However, I think it is not a closed path.
How it that accomplished? I tried to move the endpoints on top of each other, but no joy.

Thanks for your help.

The last time I tried w/ Carbide Create, it wouldn’t make an open path.


Can you report this as a bug then?

If you turn off the Snap to Grid, I can’t get the endpoint nodes to join and thereby create a closed path.
With snappy turned on, works fine, but only on grid intersections.

I can work around for now by intentional starting and stopping my special shape on a grid intersection, then turn snap off for the rest of the shape.


Will - Please let me know if you have confirmed and passed this on.

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Who should I direct this to?

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Contact ?

I really wish all programmers would use Literate Programming so as to keep documentation and program capabilities in synch.

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Hey @WillAdams, I’m trying to make rounded corners on a simple square in CC, but having no luck at all. I tried the method you describe here, but I must be doing something wrong. Here is what I’ve done:

  1. I have my larger square, which I want to have rounded corners.
  2. draw a square the size of the desired corner radius, and align it so it’s in the corner of the larger square.
  3. create a circle, with the center on the corner of the small box, and the radius ending on the edge of the larger box.
  4. But no matter what combination of unions I try, I can’t get it to round the corner of my larger square.
    Can you offer any advice, please?

Here’s an image, to hopefully make things clearer:

Does this thread help?

Or this one?

I truly believe there are certain shapes and sizes that just won’t work. I have a simple square (2.625 inch) that I have spent hours trying to put a 1/4 radius on the corners, but to no avail.

In such cases, send a copy of the file w/ instructions for creating the problem to

Yes, those help very much, thanks!

I have been playing with this as well and though I can create a square with rounded corners I can’t scale it to the dimms I need without losing the complete squair. Is there a trick to making that happen or is it not an option?

Create the geometry at the correct size, then use the second technique (the chopped off square which can be used to remove the extras so as to create a rounded corner) to round off the corners.

Alternately, draw everything in a suitable vector editor reduced by half the endmill diameter, then apply a rounded path to it, then expand that path.