How hard can you push a 1/32 bit?

I plan to make a project out of walnut with a lot of small details and was thinking of using a #122 1/32 bit. The DOC for a 1/32 bit in CC is between .01-.015 but the run time estimate is pretty long. do you think i can bump that up to say .02-…025 to cut down on time or am I asking for broken bits? I could also use a larger bit with advance vcarve and let the vbit do more of the work but I find the result usually isn’t as clean, at least with my vbits.

I have used the 1/32" bit a lot on my SO3. I use the recommended F&S and it works great. I bought a 1/32" down cut bit from Amazon and it broke in about 2 minutes. So to me it seems that the Carbide 3d one is pretty stout. However the 1/32 is quite small and I would not push it very hard. After all 1/32" is pretty small.

I have bought more than one, and keep track of the broken ones. :smiley: It usually happens first thing after I start up before I get in the groove! :smiley:

You could try a 1/32" tapered ball nose - they are stronger & can be pushed faster than a straight 1/32" while providing pencil point detail.


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