How hot does your shapeoko3 controller run?


Just wondering if someone actually measured how hot the stepper driver components on the controller board get during long/high-load runs. Even though the heatsinking from the underside of the board looks ok, I consider sticking an extra 8x8mm heatsink (originally intended for raspberry pi) on the TOP side of each of the four stepper drivers, to have (more) thermal margin. Overkill ?


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The extra heatsinks won’t hurt anything, but they likely won’t help much either.

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I just finished running a series of 9x ~1-hour long jobs back-to-back yesterday, after 9x ~45 minute jobs on Monday (roughing and finishing passes) with additional shorter jobs cutting the fixturing and a few minor adjustments along the way, and the only issues I ran into were from things coming loose (because let’s face it, this thing is bolted together, and I didn’t want to loctite things in a way that would make it hard to service in the future) and from material getting caught under the v-wheels causing it to jam up & skip steps (cutting tooling board and don’t have an adequate dust-head completed yet).

So like Mike said, probably don’t need them, but they won’t hurt.

Allright, thanks for the reassuring feedback. I think I will check how hot they get on mine, out of curiosity, and then stop worrying about it.

In case anyone is interested, I will leave my results here:

  • idle temperature on stepper driver chips 10 min after power on: ~95°F (35°C)
  • after a 10min surfacing job, the X and Y chips were around ~105°F (40°C)
  • I then ran a 40min surfacing job (feedrate 63in/1600mm), the X and Y were at 115°F (46°C) at the end

So, definitely no need for extra heat sinks.