How I designed my USMC EGA flag

Here’s a video of the steps I took to design one of my flags.

How To Program This Wood USMC American Flag with Carbide Create and a Shapeoko CNC Router


Awesome video… however, when I attempt to download the svg file from the internet I cannot save the svg file… my Mac only allows me to save the website of the file. My end game is that I want to know how to save svg files to my computer. Or, can someone tell me a place to see how to easily convert logos or photos to svg or dxf files. Thanks!

I assume you don’t have a right-mouse button? I haven’t used a Mac in quite a while, but have you tried holding down the Command key while clicking on the link? This might bring up a “save link as” option.

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I uploaded the ega svg to my website. Check it out there. You can either ctrl click and select save link as, or just click the image and it will open in a new window. Save that image.

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I can save files on website with my Mac. Maybe you do not know how. What browser are you using? I just tried with Firefox and Safari, it is the same, go to the page, place your cursor on the picture you want then right click on picture. If you have a trackpad, press on bottom right then select save image. The image should appear in your Download folder.