How is Gcode Different between V6 and V7 saved by C Motion?

I have used Fenrus Gcode Splitter to split Advanced Vcarve files since I don’t have a Bit Setter. It’s quick and easy.

GcodeSplit - Split gcode files by toolpath

However, Gcode created from Carbide Motion no longer splits the file. I have looked at both versions of the Gcode on Notepad and they look identical.

Any ideas why Fenrus Gcode Splitter doesn’t seem to recognize the CM version of Gcode? Both are *.nc files.
Thanks for any insight.

I just tested a path created in V6, output G-Code, then open in V7, save paths, use website to convert. Then sent the .c2d to CM & output G-Code. All 3 are identical except for the first line (file names were different), and the toolpath name line.

In V7 (both cases) the toolpath name was empty. ()
If fenrus is looking for the “Pocket” and “Vee-Carve” in the toolpath name, his utility won’t find them.

and for the record, unless testing something like this… this will be the last time I:

  • save the .c2d
  • send to google drive
  • go to shop & retrieve it from google drive
  • move it to the project folder
  • start my machine
  • connect CM
  • initialize the machine
  • open the .c2d file
  • save the G-Code
  • copy file up to google drive
  • shut down machine
  • go back to office
  • retrieve file

just to get a G-Code file.
I will continue to test V7 (for a while) in the hopes that the developers come to their senses & revert the change to prevent saving G-Code. In the meantime, I’ll be using something else to create G-Code.


Thanks for looking at this. I will definitely check this out.

Try editing the proper path name back into the file, then running it through Fenrus’ separator.