How much different is meshcam pro from the one provided with nomad 883?

You guys make it look so simple, I downloaded the 15 day trial of meshcam. It seems like i can not adjust anything on a image once it is loaded. I had uploaded the logo i use with my brand. Am i that limited to what i am going to be able to do. Or am i getting ahead of myself ? I am very excited to say the least since i am purchasing the nomad to learn as i go.

Can’t help w/ MeshCAM (don’t have it, since I have a ShapeOko which doesn’t bundle it), but I can at least tell you not to worry, you’re not getting ahead of yourself — experimenting w/ CAD/CAM is a great thing to do before/after ordering a machine.

There is nothing to adjust, Meshcam takes your image in whatever state it is and translates it into machine operations. You can adjust the way it translates it, but the image itself is only going to be what you put in.

Check out the tutorials for some quickstart info.

The capabilities of MeshCAM Pro are identical to the MeshCAM that comes with the Nomad. The Nomad license adds/unhides/activates a Carbide-specific menu that is tailored to the Nomad machine, but that is in tool selection, suggested feedrates, etc.

As dr_g said, MeshCAM works with the existing input file, whether it is a bitmap or an STL. MeshCAM doesn’t have any editing capabilities so you’ll need to “preprocess” your image in Gimp etc. if you want to change it. What is is about your logo file that you want to change?

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Thanks @WillAdams, @dr_g, and @Randy for the reply. What i wanted to edit was simple text for it to engrave onto it. I want to cut the shape all the way through but have it carve the figure about 0100 on both sides or maybe at .050 so that it is not only machined on one side. I understand that it will ask you if it’s to be machined on both sides. However that is not an option at the time since i only downloaded it to get to know the program. I don’t know how to add an image here otherwise i upload it and it would be easier to explain that way.