How not to fix stock to the table

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Was doing a job last night and got about 5mm into the first cut before the stock came of the table that it was double sided taped too.

The tape remained well stuck to the stock but had come of the MDF table. I think the reason is that I used fuleite to clean previous residue of the MDF. It must have an oil component that caused the stock to loosen.

So moral of the story is not to use fuelite to clean MDF or probably anything. Best just to use it to run burners in future :relaxed:

I’m migrating from hobby electronics into hobby CNC, I clean everything with a spray can of flux cleaner. Super convenient way of getting a compressed form of IPA. Any objections to this?

i’ll try that i think

Let me get this straight. The stock tore away, bringing with it a piece of the spoiler board? COOL! :open_mouth:

MDF is basically glue and saw dust. It falls apart easily, by design. It doesn’t like water or any liquids, especially anything that will dissolve the glue.

I recommend that one simply vacuums their MDF spoiler boards (a HEPA filter equipped dust collector should be used). A very, very slightly damp cloth (or paper towel) can be used to do a wipe down; it shouldn’t be necessary but I understand cleanliness. If one does a wipe down, let things dry for about 5-10 minutes before use.

In general, blowing air near a CNC machine is a bad idea:

A) The particles kicked up - wood, MDF, Fiberglass, FR4, carbon composite - are highly damaging
to the lungs.

B) One can easily blow particles, even metal, into the spindle and/or steppers. Over time, this can
lead to damage.


Nope, the stock tore away but it did not appear to lift any of the spoil board with it.
I knew MDFwould not like water becasue it swells up but there was no swelling with the Fuelite or turpentine that I had used before. If I continue to use double sided tape on mdf at all i will only use alcohol to clean its residue off.
I’m using a dyson with HEPA filter and cyclonic technology to remove the dust and purify my air :wink:
The reason for the cleaning requriment is not Michael Jackson level paranoia but rather that the tape residue is around a 0.5mm sticky mess that simply must be cleaned off to fix down more stock.

Also I realised another major reason the stock probably dislodged was that it was quite badly banana shaped

Ah! The tape didn’t grab due to solvent being about.

I have a well known, public hatred of machining tape. I’ll do any kind of fixturing that avoids using it. I hate how it sticks up my machines and expensive end mills. :grimacing: YMMV! :laughing:

Cudos to a safe air handler! :+1:


Yes, I need to develop a very low profile vice, that would be best. And an extraction hose, between the spindle mount and the dyson with the dyson on a cycle every few min.

Have you seen:

With a few widgets more you can clamp stock and custom made spoilers together and do just about anything.

@Flatballer has a nice dust head design. @patofoto and I are working on an alternative design, mostly to see see if it is possible to better than the one @FlatBaller has done. It’s pretty darned good!

I gave up on taping things and created lowcost “vise” with two aluminum corners and m6 bolts holding wood from two sides (front and back)


“Pubic” hatred? Sorry, MB, was that a Freudian slip? :wink: :smiley:

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ACK! Fixed. :blush:


well, so here goes, turns out the 3M carpet tape shipped with the nomad is pretty darn good, the other double sides I bought was crap! way to hard to get off, but 3M carpet tape rocks the house that rocks the party. I’m currently running a mega job with a taped part holding a taped part (well not quite there is also magnets and a lip holding the top taped part)… I’ll post some pics when it’s done.