How to add tools to Carbide Wizard in MeshCAM

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Sorry for the delayed response in posting this.

The tools are defined in the LUA script file carbide-wizard.lua which is located in the $MeshCAMInstall$/scripts/carbide/ folder.

Edit the file, and you will see a section where you build a table of cutters with features. Mine now looks as follows:

--Initialize Cutters----

local cutters = {}
table.insert(cutters,{ number=101,	mm = false,	diameter=.1250,	length=.75,	shaft=.125,	ball=true,	numTeeth=2,	desc=".125 Inch Ball" })
table.insert(cutters,{ number=102,	mm = false,	diameter=.1250,	length=.75,	shaft=.125,	ball=false,	numTeeth=2,	desc=".125 Inch Flat" })
table.insert(cutters,{ number=111,	mm = false,	diameter=.0625,	length=.25,	shaft=.125,	ball=true,	numTeeth=2,	desc=".0625 Inch Ball" })
table.insert(cutters,{ number=112,	mm = false,	diameter=.0625,	length=.25,	shaft=.125,	ball=false,	numTeeth=2,	desc=".0625 Inch Flat" })
table.insert(cutters,{ number=121,	mm = false,	diameter=.032,	length=.063,	shaft=.125,	ball=true,	numTeeth=2,	desc=".032 Inch Ball" })
table.insert(cutters,{ number=122,	mm = false,	diameter=.032,	length=.063,	shaft=.125,	ball=false,	numTeeth=2,	desc=".032 Inch Flat" })
table.insert(cutters,{ number=201,	mm = false,	diameter=.25,	length=.75,	shaft=.25,	ball=true,	numTeeth=3,	desc=".25 Inch Ball" })
table.insert(cutters,{ number=202,	mm = false,	diameter=.25,	length=.75,	shaft=.25,	ball=false,	numTeeth=3,	desc=".25 Inch Flat" })

Thanks a million @FlatBaller! This is exactly what I was looking for. For a total noooob. This helps a lot!


Wut wut wut?!? I want this for MeshCAM’s own tool list! :astonished: There is no way to directly edit that outside MeshCAM, since it is not a text file.

Seriously, great find, @FlatBaller


I tried running the script within MeshCam, but it is not importing the cutters… What am I doing wrong?
I guess I will have to put them in manually…Dammit!


How did you edit the file?
Once you add the extra tool lines they should show up in the carbide wizard dropdown.

oh, I see now… I have been trying to use the generate toolpath button on the main menu… Like I said… @MrJJ is a total noob! :smile:

Thanks for this, it’s great to know where this info goes.

However, I think there are few issues with this list:

  • The default length for 101 and 102 tools do not match the actual parts I received from Carbide3D. While the website store and the defaults in MeshCAM advertise a length of .75, the actual parts packaging says the length is .5 and the actual bit when measured is .5.
  • The 201 and 202 are inverted. Contrary to the 1xx series, the 201 is the Flat/Square tool and the 202 and the Ball one. that info is consistent both on the website and the parts I received. In the 1xx series, the xx1 tools are Ball and the xx2 tools are Flat/Square.

That said, I’m new to all this. So it would be great is someone with more experience could confirm.



Did you ever get an answer?