How to address tearout/putting in pine edges

I have been trying to figure out how to get rid of the awful edges on my pine cuts to no avail.

I’ve used new bits. Lowered the feeds and speeds. Lowered DOC. Increased F/S/D. It always ends the same. And a lot of these are too deep to effectively sand out.

I’m using select pine.

Running slower on hardwoods don’t cause as much issue, so I’m thinking it has to be the pine?

Pine is subject to tearout.

Leaving a roughing clearance and taking a finishing pass w/ a small and sharp tool will help, HSS rather than carbide if possible, and downcut tool geometry may help.

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If I do a 0.05" finish pass, should I do a full length DOC (0.75), or should I still do 0.1in. I am worried that the chip load will be too low even setting the feed to something like 200ipm and the speed to 1 on the dial.

I have a Pro XXL

you could do even a 0.005" finish pass… sure full DOC should be ok.

On wood, I’d not worry TOO much about the low end of the chipload target scale
(as long as you have enough speed to prevent burning/rubbing)


Thanks, I’ll give that a try this evening and see what happens.

I use sandpaper.
Worrying over the extreme details in search of a perfect off-the-machine finish will drive you to drink. Other than that, it’s a big problem.


Took double the time but all the fuzzies and most of the pitting/tearout was taken care of!


Nicely figured out! Looks like a fun one.

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