How to alter text size without using the scale funtion

I am making a sign and I need to make a sentence a certain length to fit on the board but I also want to make them a little taller. When I put in the appropriate length of the sentence the program scales it to the correct length but the letters are too short. If I make them the correct height, it makes the sentence too long to fit on the board. Is there anyway to bypass the scaling feature and manually set the height and length. Thanks

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It’s easy to do in an outside program like Inkscape for example but not in Carbide Create. I’ve been making signs for a long time and in the sign making community distorting fonts (stretching vertically or horizontally) is generally considered a no-no. There are fonts (condensed or extended) specifically designed to help with layouts that might call for something like that that could be used or perhaps add some other graphic that helps fill the space and compliment the whole.

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I have tried that in Inkscape, but the text is not importing into CC for some reason. That may be a completely different issued but I have some neat fonts made up to the correct specs. but can’t get them to import.

You will need to convert the type to paths in Inkscape before saving as an SVG to import into Carbide Create:

In Inkscape: Path | Object to Path

Always view an SVG in outline mode (in Inkscape View | Display Mode | Outline) before exporting to SVG.

A further consideration is the fonts must be properly constructed, or have any errors of construction (incorrect winding of path direction is a frequent one) before importing.

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