How to attach mister to HDM?

I bought this inexpensive misting attachment for CNCs on Amazon. There were no specs online for hole placement, so I knew I was taking my chances.

The HDM spindle has two M6 holes on each side of it. It was a close fit, but alas, not close enough. I can get one 25mm M6 through a hole on the mister to anchor it to the CNC. The other hole appears to be off by just 1-2mm. It’s off by enough that I can’t drill into the mister because I’ll end up going right through the side of the plastic.

Anyone else run into this problem? What do you use?

Not sure if this will work for you. On my SO3 I used a short piece if 1 inch wide aluminum stock to make an adapter. Using two of the bearing block mounting holes with slightly longer bolts it worked out really well.

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I figured this might end up being the only solution. I was hoping there was a part on Amazon that I could buy instead. I just ended up doing what you did - bought some aluminum and will mill the holes myself. Bummer!

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When I have a little time I’ll design and cut something out that’s a little better looking, this was a quick fix to get past a few jobs.

Ed you should know that temporary fixes become permanent over time. As long as it works. The old saying is “If it aint broke dont fix it”.


Your right Guy. Come to think of it, I have a couple other “temporary fixes” that are passing the test of time. :smiley:

I just have one screw holding it on. It’s been working fine so far.

Wow, those holes are close to the edge. I’d still be tempted to widen them into slots, even if it breaks through the outside edge a little, it will still hold.

The HDM has 2 x M5 holes on the side of the spindle mount which are prime for a mister. I only use one screw and it works a treat.

I’m pretty sure we have these on all HD mounts - 4/pro/HDM etc.


I milled out an adjustable mount from scrap polycarbonate so if I need to raise or drop my spindle I can easily adjust the mister height to match. Here is a picture of my setup before I had milled custom 6061 slats to mount my So3 SMW fixture plate.

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