How to bore a hole

I’m designing a waste board where I am boring several holes for T-nuts. All the holes are through holes of same size diameter. The holes are also counter bored so that the T-nuts do not extend above the bottom surface of the waste board.

Here’s the problem. 9 of the holes will not have a recessed bored in them nor have T-nuts inserted. These 9 holes will be for securing the waste board to an aluminum plate from the top.

I need to flip the waste board over an counter bore the nine holes. So my question, how to zero the X & Y axis so that I can accurately target the 9 holes.

Check out this video. It show how to create a wasteboard with t-nuts. It should answer your questions.

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I’m done routing out the bottom surface and installing the T-nuts.

For the top surface, I need to re-target the selected 9 holes to match the 9 holes on my main base board/plate and counter bore so that the mounting waste board screws are below the top surface.

That’s my problem … re-targeting or accurately dial in the Shapeoko.

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just a thought… you could flip the board over and put a 90 or 60deg Vbit in temporarily. Position the board so the vibit is centered over the hole by moving the Z-axis down and rotating the bit by hand till centered on the hole. Clamp your board firmly making sure it is also square… Use that as your X and Y zero or, better, jog manually to the work position zero and zero your X and Y at that point (presumably you know the exact distance to the hole from your work piece zero).

Should be good enough for a waste board…

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That’s a good thought … I will experiment with that thought.

I have an existing 1/4" hole that goes through. I go to CC and set a circle diameter of 0.5" and a depth of 3/8". The circle is place arbitrary on the grid.

In CM, I center the bit on an existing hole. Zeroed the X & Y and used the touch probe to zero the Z axsis.

The problem, the router goes to a different area and performs the tasks.

So my question, how do I set the reference to start the bore on the target hole. Do I clear All offsets to set the origin on the targeted hole to be bored out?

Sounds like you have your zero set in your CC design to (probably) the bottom left corner - but your feature you want to cut is not there. So the machine moves from the machine zero you just set to wherever the feature is in your design.

In CC you could set the workpiece zero to the center? And position your feature ( hole or whatever) also in the center.

Now your feature will be cut in relation to wherever you just set your machine zero - I.e centered right on top of the existing hole you zeroed on.
There are other ways to do this …that I bet you can imagine once you get the hang of it…

Does that make sense?

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You are correct … in CC its set to left corner. Since the work piece is rather large, 33"x32" moving the work piece in relation to the CC zero maybe challeging. I haven’t tried doing it just speculating.

Perhaps I am spoil with the functionality and flexibility of the Lightburn software. In Lightburn I set my origin, get my location, etc. whereas in CC I have to be creative.

I would think that the clear zero offset sets the new zero origin position. I will try and see what the outcome would be.

Girard, when using Carbide Motion you need to use the “Zero All” button in the Set Zero menu to actually set and memorize the new zero position. “Clear All Offsets” is different.

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