How to convert Carbide Create text to another format?

Hi, I have a text design in Carbide Create (file attached) that I need to convert to JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP or PDF. When I “Export PNG” from Carbide Create, the resulting file is empty. Any ideas?

Yellow Belle Aviation Vinyl Sticker.c2d (1.4 MB)

I saw the same results with the PNG export in V514. The SVG export did work fine. You can then convert the SVG to other format with web utilities or drawing software like Affinity Designer.
yellow belle

Yellow (52.1 KB)

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Thanks for taking a whack at this. When I convert your .SVG, “Yellow Belle” is accurate, but “AVIATION” is the wrong font. I need to get an exact version of the original, which looks like this:

I may not have the font in my system. When I open the project it has the squarish font. If it looks OK in your system try a boolean operation on the text to turn it into vectors before exporting.

Interestingly the screenshot you posted is in PNG format.

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Now that is an interesting observation. I opened the Carbide Create file, turned off gridlines, and took a screenshot on my Macbook (Command-Shift-4). I didn’t realize this results in a PNG file. I think you solved my problem - thanks!

so how to turn a font into vectors:

  1. draw a circle somewhere well away from the text.
  2. select both the circle and the text
  3. subtract the circle from the text using the boolean subtract operation

(since the circle is well away from the text, it does not change the shape, but the result of the subtract is vectors not “letters”)


Thanks - good trick to know.

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