How to create a coat of arms within a pocket

I am trying to create the family coat of arms inside a pocket area. I know how to contour the actual coat of arms if it was the only step. I also have done a basic raised lettering inside a pocket successfully. The challenge I see is that when I combine the two, the pocket step proceeds to cut out any areas that were not contoured virtually eliminating the coat of arms image.
I am cutting wood.
I have a Shapeoko 4
I use Carbide Create
I am a 65 year old retired rookie trying to learn something new!!!

Can you point me in the right direction?

Post the file?

It should just be a matter of machining the pocket to the desired depth, then doing the decorative work so that the start depth is at the bottom of the pocket.

what if I desire the coat of arms to be raise in the pocket?

draw a space around it.

So if I draw a circle, and a pocket toolpath. it will make a circle cut as expected

but if I go back and add a box around the outside of the circle, I can go into the Toolpath already set up and shift select to add the box as well.

Does this help?

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Thanks for your reply. I know how to do this…challenge is the raised image gets milled out.
Coat of arms 99.c2d (2.2 MB)

Here is my file

ok unless I am not understanding it’s a similar idea to above, you just need a bounding shape around the coat of arms to act like the circle

you can select items and use the boolean tools to combine etc as needed.
and it may be that I don’t have a tool loaded that you’re using for the contour cut but that one is empty for me.

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Okay, start w/ a pocket – we’ll use an Advanced V carving w/ pocket clearing:

which gives us a sharp-cornered flat-bottomed pocket:

Select the design and do a V carving:

It is quite delicate, so cuts shallowly:

one can work up different treatments, either by 3D modeling or different selections and different toolpath assignments.


I took your file and did the following;

  1. Zoomed in and selected the outer line of the image, then selected the inner frame around the outside of the image. (Highlighting both) moved to toolpath. Chose Advanced Vcarve using 1/8 inch bit and 60 degree Vbit to clear back ground.

  2. Disabled the first advanced Vcarve process. Then selected the whole image and again chose Advanced Vcarve using a 20 degree Vbit on the image alone. I got the following result.

Enable both newly created Advance Vcarve processes and then did the Simulation.


Both files are from the top Z zero point. this does take longer but the result is what I think you were looking for.

Here is the CC look.


You get more fine detail with a 20 degree Vbit.
You can use a 60 or 90 but you’ll lose some of the smaller detail.


Thanks for follow-up… If I have viewed the above feedback correctly, it shows the coat of arms recessed in the pocket. What I was hoping for is for the coat of arms to be raised in the pocket. Is this possible?

Dooryard seems to be heading in the right direction but I can’t duplicate the tool path simulation shown above… I am able to highlight a line around the coat of arms. How do I select to pocket outline and the outside line on the coat of arms to create the pocket tool path?

You cannot easily tell recessed from raised from a picture- a well-known illusion.

These instructions are giving your what you want, I think.

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Here is the screenshot of what to highlight for raised image.

After the line around the image hold down shift and also select frame as shown in the image. This will allow you to pocket the background and have the image raised.
Coat of arms 99.c2d (2.2 MB)


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