How to cut out pocket but not entire section

I have a question around cutting out a pocket. I want to create a pocket that has part of the inside that I dont want to cut out. For example, refer to attached image.

I want to cut out this sports image of the Florida Gators head. In the colored image I have colored areas black where I want to cut down 1/4" and the areas that are brown will be the wooden surface that will be untouched. I have successfully loaded into Carbide Create an image with all the individual pieces created. However, I want to cut the inverse of what I have shapes created for. Is this possible? My first thought is that I need to create a shape that is the entire black area that I want to cut out. Is this correct?

Sure enough after finding a key word “raised letters” i was able to find some info. It wasnt until I added the toolpath that it created the raised effect I was looking for. All good.


So all went well. The only issue was some parts required a smaller bit to get around the letters and other details. I haven’t done it yet but still need to. For example around the last couple teeth my 1/4” bit is too big. I need to use the .125 bit. How can I target just a specific area to router with the Smaller bit? I don’t want to have to router the entire pocket just up to that point. Any suggestions?


Since 1/8 is half of 1/4, you only need an inside contour to get the remaining material removed… you don’t need a whole pocketing clearing operation

(This only works if the second bit is half or more of the first bit)

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