How to display spindle speed on the C3D VFD kit?

TLDR: How do I get the red LED display on the VFD to show RPM?

Long version: Set up my spindle this morning, and thanks the excellent video by @wmoy, had no problem getting it installed onto my Shapeoko Pro and configured in Carbide Motion v551.

But I can’t figure out how to get the LED display on my VFD to show the rpm. When I type in the suggested M3S10000 in the MDI, the display (which has the the Hz light illuminated) goes to 171.5.

Is there a setting somewhere that can change that 171.5 Hz to RPM?

Thanks in advance

Not sure how the VFD is configured (I’m unpacking mine right now, actually), but usually on VFDs pressing the “mode” button will cycle the display through the various display modes (voltage/current/frequency/RPM)

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When I hit mode on the panel, it just gave me either flashing 00000s or ———-s.

I’m not sure what brand it is but there must be a manual for it somewhere?

You may want to send an email to about that, I couldn’t say.

I remember seeing a video on that very topic. But I don’t remember how it is done.
You may try and search for your specific VFD on YouTube.

That may do it.

That was actually my first thought—look online for some manual for the VFD. But there’s no documentation or paperwork in the kit nor anything on the outside of the VFD itself that lets me know what kind/brand/model it is.

Posting here was my second thought.

May have to resort to my third thought; emailing support for more details so I can hunt down a manual for it.

Figured it out:

Press the >> button a few times to cycle it through until it flashes 0.00

After sending M3S10000 (or M3S8000, or M3S16500 or whatever you want the spindle speed to be), the display changes and gives the actual RPM in whole numbers.

For my spindle/VFD, sending m3S10000 gives me a spindle speed of 10320 on the display, which as Winston mentions in the video, is within 5% tolerance. Good enough for me.

Can’t wait to start making something with it!


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