How to engrave with the Nomad?

Since I feel that right now we are lacking of some more tutorials to use the Nomad and Meshcam together. In the mean time I would like to know if you have tried to do anything similar to the fighter portrait of the KS campaign (picture above this text “Make lithopanes using real photographs”. Till now I’ve been working with 3D CAD industrial software and even I can’t understand perfectly the meaning of all the values on meshcam software with the wizard I have had no so much problems.

Now I want to engrave in the “same” way a laser engraver machine would do. What I have to load then. A picture? Have anyone tried anything like this?

And one more thing, do you have any easy software to extrude letters in 3D?

Hi David,

I’d like to be helpful, but with the way your original post is written, I’m having a hard time understanding your comments about using 3D CAD and using a laser-engraver… can you re-read and edit your post for clarity?

With regard to extruding letters in 3D, if you’re looking to extrude all of your text to the same height and cut a 2D profile out of stock material, you can do that from an image or from a DXF using MeshCAM, which you received a license for with your Nomad.

Have you consulted the tutorials for how to use MeshCAM and do you have the latest version? I would suggest going over to the MeshCAM site and checking out the tutorials there, and going through the initial tutorials on how to run the Nomad before trying to tackle lithophanes.

What CAD packages are you using currently? That’ll also help me tailor my answers based on what tools you already have available.

Meshcam can import a photo file directly and translate it to the type of lithgraph-looking project in the KS.
This is the general procedure:

You can experiment with the Relief menu tools to improve the file. Smooth relief is one I found helps, cuts down on the small unmachinable peaks and makes smoother toolpaths.

There was a discussion of lithophanes on the MeshCAM forum several years ago:

If you use a ball-end cutter for a lithophane, that itself will act as a physical low-pass filter and smooth out the smaller irregularities in the source photo. That might be a good or bad thing depending on your intent.


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