How to fix anything as Im getting started

Hey guys. I finally got xxl and done with installation but im having hard time fixing the bumps on my railings both x and y. Any tips is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Bumps? Define bumps. If you move any axis by hand with machine off the steppers themselves will create current and feedback making the axis feel bumpy, this is normal. If you have the belts off and it’s still bumpy then you need to square up and adjust the v wheels most likely.



Following as I currently have a bump on my y right axis as I’m assembling my XXL also. I haven’t got to squaring yet but looking at the wheels on the carriage I can see it is not aligned with the Y rail properly (wheel v not sitting on rail v neatly). I’m yet to try but I assume the fix is to loosen the bolts in the front plate and shuffle the rail to realign it and get those V’s aligned properly. The bump is the wheel riding up and slipping and it tries to traverse the rail crookedly.
This is all assumption though and this could b the blind leading the blind…

Hold something with a straight edge along your track and get rid of that doubt!

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Good morning guys. Thanks for all the replies. So when dragged both x and y wails without belts its perfectly fine but when i put the belt on thats where i have frictions. If dragging it slowly its fine but of its a little faster thats where i get bumps or frictions.

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Thanks Dan. I guess youre right. This is a big relief.

Also, is this normal where I have 33inches work area on my X and just 28inches on my Y? If i dragged my X all the way at the front my router is already outside hense I got 28inches instead on 33.

The work area includes a ~2 3/16" overhang at the front of the machine.

Thank you Woll! Pardon my ignorance. :slight_smile:

Im ready to power it up tonight.

Until you’ve got the machine aligned and square, all bets are off. Square it up first. If it’s out of square, this kind of thing can happen.

That’s you generating back emf and powering up the control board (the steppers act as generators in that case). Don’t do that. :slight_smile:

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Hey Mike. Is this really bad? No wonder why the board is lighting up whenever i moved the rails. Will this fry my board?

It’s not terrible. It can make it seem like there are “bumps” though - the board powers up, the steppers energize for a moment (locking), the power in the caps is consumed, and it releases again rapidly. With the belts off, this can’t happen because the steppers don’t rotate…which is why it goes away with the belts off.


Oh I got it.thanks a lot!

Hello guys! Hows your weekend going? I finally get it up and I was able to do homing and sit at -5,-5,-5 coordinates. But when I tried to position my router to where I want to start printing my hello world it rolled back to -5,-5,-5 coordinates after following the steps by steps process closely. And looking at the control box red and yellow lights are blinking, is there normal? Please help? Thank you so much in advance.

No, that’s not normal. I suspect you missed or misunderstood a step, or we didn’t write out the instructions clearly enough — please review: and then try again — if things go wrong again, let us know at what step, and what you did, what you expected to happen, and what actually happened and we’ll do our best to help you sort this out.

You may find this of help:

Thanks WIll. I will try it shortly. Just finished helping my neighbor build his porch.

Hi Will! Its all good now. My apology! :slight_smile: I just missed to re-zero again. Yay! Success!


Hi all. Is it possible to set my starting coord and mill it right there? I noticed that when I start the process my router travels few inches away and start the milling. Is this normal or im setting it up wrong. Plesse help and thanks in advance. Thank you.

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Fyi guys. I updated the title so i can Chronicle my journey as i am learning this exciting tool. I am new to this wolrd but im fast learner. :slight_smile: i have a very bold ideas towards my projects. I didn’t do much this weekend with the machine because i helped my neighbor build his porch. I am not a carpenter really but with basic geometry and lots of common sense i was able to complete his porch with two thumbs up.

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