How to import drawing into woodwop 7. Help

Looking to take Carbide program and import to woodwop on a Homage CNC. This is the first sign program I have used. Thanks for the input.

Carbide Create will export an SVG which you could convert/import as the basis of a design file, and can make toolpaths and export them as G-Code — we’re working on adding Post Processor support, so if you have some specific need let us know at and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.

I have a post processor but it does not open it

I haven’t played with it a lot, but is what I have done is you can export it as a svg,( but the g code don’t go, maybe if you saved it separate, but haven’t tried it) import it into woodwop then add contours(woodwop terminology for Toolpaths) or send it to inkscape and export it as a dxf, it’s the only one listed ( it’s a long name can’t remember it all but it’s the only one) then import it to woodwop and add contours.( I know you can add code in Inkscape but I don’t know how to do it, and I don’t know if it will export with it) We use woodwop 7.1 hope that helps if you need more info on adding the the contours let me know, I can try to help out there also but don’t expect to much I’m newish to woodwop

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Thanks we use 7.1 too. never imported from a sign program. alway autocad to a dxf and so on

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