How to install the two black wire "things"+ mysterious parts


I have two wire leaders? that I can’t figure out how to install/ mount / fasten. Does the XXL KIT include fastening screws for these two objects?

I also found a zipper with some parts I can’t figure out where to install.

See two attached pictures.


The XL/XXL Assembly guide is here -

Go to the wiring section. That bag of parts are the brackets for the drag chains. There are no screws included, only double sided tape, so I used a self tapping sheet metal screw to keep mine in place.

You have to remove about 12 links from the chains. Also, don’t try to fish all of the wires through the drag chain. Take off all of the little “doors” so the the chain is open. Get all of your wires run through, then put all of the doors back on.

Use the assembly guide photos as a guide. I’m a little surprised that C3D has still not added the part about removing the doors off the top, as this makes routing the wiring so much easier. But at least there is an XL/XXL assembly guide now.

That’s drag chain in the top picture.

Apparently Carbide 3D is re-doing their site and still has a bunch of dead links. New link for the assembly guide:

Thank you :slight_smile:

I know what it’s called now - a dragchain.

I have built my XXL after the manual I was sent through mail quite some time ago - this manual is for the standard Shapeoko 3.

OK : So I will need to rearrange some things now.


Winston Moy makes some great videos, this may help:


I believe they are still working to create proper manuals for the XL/XXL as the one I had was in need of some serious love and I had to seek out other sources to get it all working.

I received the first XXL machine and yes it was tricky to try and figure out how it went together. My kit was missing many parts, had the wrong length wires for the limit switches, no brackets for the drag chains, missing gear on the Z stepper motor, the list goes on! But the support was great! They sent me the parts they had (some were still in process I think) and I printed or made the ones I couldn’t get right away. It was well worth all the fuss putting it together.

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