How to invoke settings?

Hi, So i’m trying to change a few settings like homing speed and don’t know how to bring up setting lines like g whatever whatever? Sorry a bit new at this but ctch on quick. thank you Ray

You do this thru the “MDI” tab. First, though, make sure you have the INFO or LOG screen up (I forget exactly what it is called now). To see what settings you have currently, type in $$ and hit the Enter key. This will display the codes in the Log window. To change one, type that one, say $130=1234 and hit enter.

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User manual:

tap l for log, m for mdi


The User Manual link is dead, and I can’t fine one that works.

Okay, there’s a wiki page on it which has some information:

I’ll see what I can do to find a working link.

Heres the Carbide Motion link:

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