How to Keep Cutter Down

(Michael Shields) #1

I’ve been working on setting up a new waste board with a lot of holes. Each hole takes a long time and the cutter rises between each pass which adds extra time. Is there a way to keep the cutter down and cutting vs rising after each pass?
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(William Adams) #2

Yes, set up each hole with its own toolpath. Tedious, I know.

Alternately, use a 3rd party tool to optimized the G-Code:

(Michael Shields) #3

Thanks WIll, I set up a toolpath for counter sink and one for the hole. I did that 81 times over (enjoyable…) and when its cutting the hole it rises between each pass. About 9 times to go less than .750 because depth per cut is .111. I increase depth per cut to .200 and it helps a little but id like to figure out how to keep the cutter down. Will it do that unless I figure out the GCode and remove those commands? Im new to it all. Thanks.

(William Adams) #4

You can reduce the lifting by setting the retract height as low as you can — the machine has to lift out to clear chips — it also helps to cool the endmill.

(Michael Shields) #5

Will give it a shot.

(Stuart) #6

what software are you using?

options like fusion360 have the ability to keep the tool down between passes, which saves a lot of time in a normal job, let alone something like a wasteboard full of holes and countersinks

(Michael Shields) #7

I’m still new to it all and only using Carbide Create. I reduced the retract height to 3MM. It has helped a bit. I did a dry run this weekend and it took about 12sec/hole and completed the 140 hole waste board in about 30min. Not too bad. Good to know that other software has more options. Im sure ill get there once i get more familiar and start looking for 3D options.
I appreciate the help,