How to know if I can share a file

Let’s say I see a design i really like. I copy a photo off the net not seeing any copyright. I then trace the parts of the photo I want. I spend about an hour or three correcting technicalities and making it easier to route . I use this for my own personal use like giving the end result as a gift.

Now I’ve put several hours work into this and converted it into a project. I have no intention of selling the file, but can / should I share it freely? Can I put it on the web in this forum or on facebook?

Your opinions please

The case in note is of a snowmobile where the suspension and track were all wrong and haphazardly put together

It is not necessary to declare copyright — it is intrinsic to the act of creation, and posting a design and sharing it publicly does not constitute a waiving of copyright — for such images which have an original and artistic intent.

You can only share files based on photos which you own, photos which are in the public domain, photos which have been made publicly available under a license which allows for sharing:

or which you have acquired a license for which allows you to distribute a derivative work.

Strictly functional items are not subject to copyright, and a photo of a functional article which has no artistic intent/merit is something of a gray area. Is it not possible to secure permission to use the photo in question?

Please note that I am not a lawyer, and this does not constitute legal advice, merely a layman explaining their understanding of the law.

If I am just going to share it, I probably won’t spend more hours trying to get permission.

But on the other hand if I take a photo of a motorcycle or a car and then outline that and make a project of it, that sounds like I could share it. I’m not looking for a lawyers input as much as what would be acceptable

Thanks for your input is a place you can share your work. It is a c3d site. You have to input some information about how and it makes a sheet that is the how to for the project.

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