How to know when your 611 router is gone

I’ve been using my machine for about a year. I use it quite a bit, definitely a few times a week. I’m sure I have well over 100 hours on the router. I’ve a bunch of jobs with 1/8 bit that took 4-5 hours alone.

Will I start to notice anything with my cuts when the router goes?

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This might help a little :slight_smile:
It would still be nice to know if there are signs, like slowing rpm, or even speeding up.

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I have several DeWalt random orbit sanders that I use almost on a daily basis. The brushes go bad on them about every 45 to 60 days (their “normal” run is about an hour with maybe six or seven runs on a Saturday or Sunday). It’s obvious when they start to go because the slowdown is rather sudden. I buy six sets of brushes at a time when I need them. The brushes for the router look very similar except for the connector to the random orbit sander, and I would be shocked if there was any significant difference besides that.


Sounds like you’re well overdue to check the brushes. Chances are the only thing you will notice is a loss of power when the brushes finally go, but its best to replace them before that happens. Don’t need your router failing during the middle of a job.

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Is it fairly straightforward to replace the brushes yourself?

Yep, here’s a tutorial