How to log position and timestamp


I’m using Carbide Motion

My goal is to match the reported position of a running program in the LOG to a moment in time.

For example:

(93618): <- <Run|MPos:-44.605,-203.940,-33.095|Bf:13,128|Ln:23|FS:102,0>

The position in xyz is -44.605,-203.940,-33.095

But I’ve found no way to know at what time does that position ocurred.

After many tests I believe the positions are reported at regular intervals, however, I can’t really know for sure if that is precise enough for me to asume that X ammount of time passed between samples.

Current calculation is 20.74 ms between samples, which seems like an odd value.

Is there a way to enable a timestamp or otherwise know precisely the moment at which each position occurred?

PS. It doesn’t need to be carbide motion, maybe another software has a more detailed log that I can use.


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